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Changes from 17th May

Some of you may have seen headlines over the weekend about GPs being told to scrap telephone appointments and see everyone face to face. These headlines are a misinterpretation of a recent document from NHS England. Our Local Medical Committee has advised us to continue using a combination of appointments as we are now, so there will be no changes to the way you access us at the moment.

We have also been asked to speed up the vaccination programme over the next few weeks, which takes staff away from Glenpark to deliver vaccines at Blaydon.

We have never locked the front door at Glenpark, we have always seen people face to face when needed and that number has steadily increased as it has become safer to do so. However we still need to socially distance in the waiting room, and clean rooms and equipment between each patient. It would be impossible to see every patient face to face currently, without a waiting list of many weeks. We realise access is frustrating at times and we have plans to improve this over the next few months, including some new staff starting soon. We will continue to update you as things change.

Vaccine Passports

Please do not contact the practice asking for proof of COVID vaccinations - we are unable to provide that information.

The vaccine passport will be available on the NHSApp after May 17th.The NHSApp can be downloaded from the Apple or Google stores and is simple to sign up (you will need a driving license or passport to complete the registration).

If you do not have a smart phone or unable to sign up to the app, contact 119 who will be able to send out an official vaccination status letter.

COVID Vaccines

We are working with other practices within the west of Gateshead to deliver the covid vaccine as quickly as supplies allow. We will invite patients - do not call us unless you are in a high priority cohort than the one we are currently inviting and think you have been missed: if you have not yet had your first dose and are aged 50 or more, or have a letter to say that you are shielded, or have one of the selected long term conditions that place you at increased risk, please contact the practice to arrange your appointment.

To enable us concentrate on second vaccines and maintain access to GP services at the same time, we are working with CBC Health who are going to be delivering vaccines to patients 18-49 at Blaydon on our behalf.

Please see our COVID vaccine page for more details.


NHS staff in GP practices in the area are asking local people to be kind and remember that they are people too.

In recent months staff have been on the receiving end of increasing frustration from patients as the coronavirus pandemic has continued. Our staff have worked long hours under very difficult circumstances since the pandemic began, and are exhausted. Little acts of kindness such as a Thank you make a huge difference to them. Equally, the abuse that some NHS staff are getting has a negative impact on mental health. This is not OK.

Staff are still here to help and to make sure you get the right treatment from the right person. They are working extremely hard and doing their very best, whilst keeping patients safe, at what is a very difficult time for everyone.

The NHS is still here to help. It may look a bit different than before the pandemic, but we and the wider NHS are still open for business. There is free advice available 24 hours-a-day on both the nhs.uk and 111.nhs.uk websites. Local pharmacists are also able to help with a wide variety of common health issues.

Our Ongoing Response to COVID-19

Throughout the national pandemic, the practice has remained open and continued to serve the community, whilst doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID to our staff and patients.

We have had to adopt new ways of working, and a patient survey showed a very high level of satisfaction with telephone, video and online consultations.

As life slowly returns more towards normal, we have to be mindful of the fact that COVID continues to be very disruptive and with new variants threatening another spike. Whilst wanting to deliver as normal a service as possible we have to plan for the possibility that a member of staff could be off work with no notice, or that there is a local surge in cases. Along side this we are also focussing on recovery (eg catching up with medication monitoring, helping patients to improve their long term condition control, or catching up with patients who may have missed vaccinations and so on).

So, for now we are going to continue our current appointments system so that we leave the morning free to deal with on the day calls and turning the afternoon surgeries into clinics for planned work, such as the baby clinic, reviewing patients or long term condition reviews. We will continue to have a doctor on call available to deal with problems that need to be managed that day. This is much closer to our normal way of working, and if anyone needs a face to face appointment the doctor will arrange it.

“We are all in this together” – there are things that our patients can do to help us and the NHS:

  • Talk before you walk: unless it is a potentially life threatening emergency, don’t come to the surgery, walk-in centre or A&E without contacting NHS111 or ourselves first;
  • Giving receptionist a short summary of what the problem helps them to ensure that you see the right person – in many cases this won’t be a doctor. Again why not go to the online NHS111 first, or choose the “help myself” option on e-consult on our website, and see if there is another person or service that could help you;
  • There is a lot of pressure on our phones: we increased the number of phone lines the practice has from 12 to 17, but there are times in the day when the phones are busy. So why not try:
    • For more simple problems or queries, why not use our e-consult service by going to the website? Its available 24/7 so you can consult us at a time that suits you. The forms look long but they are the questions that we would be asking anyway and will save you time in the long run. If you put enough information, we may be able to respond without having to phone you. We aim to meet "the next working day" response rate, but if we are busy this may not always happen so do not use it for urgent requests or problems. When you submit a form, the system may suggest other services that may be able to help - please follow those suggestions in the first instance
    • Using our online services, particularly for ordering prescriptions. Again this is available 24/7 and can be accessed online or via the NHSApp for smartphones.  

Phoning at quieter times: for general queries, the afternoons tend to be quieter times.

Want to see our privacy notice?

We have updated our privacy notice on 17 August 2020 to include remote consultations and the use of images. For more information, please click here.

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Worried About Your Poorly Child

Same day help for your poorly child If your child has become unwell in the last few days and you would like urgent advice then please contact the surgery and we will arrange for a clinician to speak to you and if necessary to see your child, today - this could save you an unnecessary trip to A+E or a Walk-in Centre. Can we also make you aware of the Little Orange Book, which provides expert help for parents and carers on how to manage common problems in babies and small children – ask your GP for a copy,

Website Accessibilty Compliance

Whilst our website was designed with the highest accessibilty standards in mind, we are aware that technology has moved on. We are looking to improve the website to achieve at least AA standard throughout. Having completed our audit, we have choosen to procure a new website.


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At Glenpark, we offer the highest quality modern healthcare, whilst being grounded in traditional patient, family and community centred values.

This website provides information about the practice and the wide variety of services we offer. In addition, we have included a wealth of health-related information to help you look after your own health.

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