Ask the Doctor

The "Ask the Doctor" service is provided in good faith, for general health information purposes only. No anonymous, online service can replace a consultation with one of the doctor or other appropriate health professional.

The service is available only to registered patients of Glenpark Medical Practice. Currently, it is only available for patients aged 12-19 years.

We will undertake to provide a response to any question within a week. However, at times of high clinical work load, the time to respond may be longer.

The service is not appropriate for clinical emergencies or other health problems. Since we will have no access to medical notes, to ask further questions, or to perform an examination, our responses can only be based on the information you give us and therefore general in nature.


Do not give any personal details with your question (other than, if appropriate, your age and gender)

You may request that your question and our responses are not posted online. However, the main purpose of this service is so that others can also learn how to look after their own health - if you are asking the question, it is a sure bet that other people are asking the same questions.