Friends and Family Test Year to End March 2019

We are required to collect and publish the results of the Friends and Family Test. 

Whilst this is actively promoted within the practice through prominent display of the questionnaires and advertising, we find that we receive far more informal feedback and therefore have small numbers of Friends and Family responses.

We publish our results to the NHS main sites and normally publish to this site so patients can easily access results. However, we have fallen behind as a result of developing the new building.

The aggregated scores for the last 12 months are:

  • Patients who recommend the surgery: 85%
  • Patients who would not recommend the surgery : 7%
  • Net promoter score: 70

The net promoter score is calculated by dividing the (number of patients who would recommend the surgery minus the number of patients who would not recommend the surgery or express no preference) by the total number of responses. The result ranges from -100 (poor) to 100 (good).