Practices No Longer Booking Ambulances

For many years, patients needing help with transport to attend hospital appointments have phoned the practice who have arranged an ambulance on their behalf.

The patient transport service was introduced to help people who could not get to hospital by any other means. However, about 10% of all patient transport journeys are by people who do not have a medical need to use an ambulance. This causes delays and inconvenience to those with a genuine need. Basically if you

National criteria have been introduced along with a new booking system to improve the experience for those who need to use an ambulance. It is not the practice that are introducing these changes.

If you, or someone you know, has a medical need for ambulance transport to hospital appointments, you will now need to phone 0191 3017 687

The attachments below have been produced by the local team to help answer your questions about the new system and what transport alternatives there are.