Join the Practice

Doctor shaking a patient's hand

We have an open list. Anyone within the practice area may join the practice list.

To apply to join the practice you will need to complete a GMS1 form and a health questionnaire. Separate forms are required for each person. These forms will normally be given to you by reception when you book your joining medical. Alternatively, the forms can be downloaded below and returned when you have your medical.

Patients over the age of 16 years will be required to have a medical before joining the practice. This is normally with the nurse. Patients under 16 years may be required to have a medical, depending on whether they have any health problems.

Whilst you will not be admitted on to the practice list until you have had your joining medical, you may still make appointments for advice and treatment before then. This will be on a temporary resident basis and you may be required to complete a separate form.

We reserve the right to refuse patients admission on to the practice list if we feel that we are not the practice that will best meet their health care needs. This rarely occurs and we will normally explain the reasons why and suggest alternative practices. We will not discriminate on the basis of any existing health problems and your attention is drawn to our discrimination policy.

Named GP

All are patients are registered with one of the partners once accepted by the practice. This is an NHS requirement and when you receive your updated medical card, this is the name that will be on it.

However, we have very experienced salaried GPs in the practice. For this reason, every patient is allocated a 'named' GP. We work as a team so normally it does not matter who you see. If you have a long term condition, your named GP may change. You may also request a change to your named GP if you see someone more regularly, though changes will be at the discretion of the practice. Your named GP is written on any prescriptions you receive; you can also find out who your named GP is by enquiring at reception.

Treatment of non-patients

We do not normally see patients not registered with the practice.

However, in an emergency, or where friends and relatives from outside the practice area are visiting our own patients, we will make exceptions. In such cases you will be asked to complete a temporary resident form by reception. Details of your treatment will be passed on to your usual doctor.

Please note, non-EU residents may not be covered for treatment under the NHS by reciprocal agreements. If you are a resident of a non-EU country, you should ask whether any charges are applicable for your consultation and treatment before you book an appointment, since payment will be required at the end of your appointment.

Practice Area

The practice area covers the following (See map):

  • Dunston
  • Whickham
  • Swalwell
  • Lobley Hill
  • Teams (up to Bensham Bank and the Redheugh Bridge)
  • Some parts of Bensham

If you move locally, or change any of your details, please inform reception. It is also very helpful to have an up to date telephone number.

If you move out of the practice area, you will need to re-register with another practice within your new area.