Online Services

We are delighted to support the national patient on line initiative. On this page we outline the services currently available and our future plans to develop this.

Your Medical Record and You – Patient Access, the Summary Care Record (SCR), GP2GP Record Transfer and electronic Prescription Service (EPSr2)

It is important that your medical record is available when and where you need it. Some of that information could save your life if you became ill when the practice was closed. As a practice we are helping to lead the way locally in implementing systems that will improve your care

(1) GP2GP

It makes sense for your record to be transferred as soon as possible if you have to move practice. We have been using the GP2GP system to send and receive computer records within Gateshead for many years. This involves a secure connection directly between the clinical systems and can only be done once you have completed the registration at a new practice.

Currently we can only request the notes of patients who have moved to us from another practice that uses the same clinical system as we do (EMIS). We are keen to trial the ability to request electronic notes from practices using other clinical systems as soon as it becomes technically possible.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to any older, paper records.

(2) Summary Care Record

The Summary Care Record (SCR) is a national programme to keep, as a minimum, a record of everyone’s medication and any allergies. It is updated from the GP record on a daily basis. This record can only be read by selected NHS staff who have been issued special smart card that plugs into the computer running the clinical system. Except in an emergency, the record cannot be read without your permission.

The SCR does not contain your full medical record. We can increase the information included in the summary care record, with your consent. In the future, there are plans to upgrade the record to include important extra information agreed between patients and the person treating them (for example copies of any care plans that are in place).

If you are an adult, you can choose to opt out of having a summary care record if you wish by writing to the practice (and if in the future you want to opt back in, again let the practice know). You can apply to the practice to opt out of a child in your care having a summary record, but whether the opt out will be granted will be at the discretion of the practice (and will depend on what is in the child’s best interest).

(3) Patient Online Access

We have offered online prescription requests and appointment booking for some years. We now offer our patients the ability to view parts of their medical record online. Currently patients can view the information that will be uploaded to the SCR (namely, medication and allergies), along with their immunisation status and information that is in coded format (you currently cannot view documents or consultations). In the future we will work to increase the services and parts of the patient record that are viewable to our patients.

To sign up to our online services download our application form (below) and return it to the practice or speak to our reception staff.

(4) Electronic Prescriptions (EPSr2)

As standard we use the electronic prescription service to send your prescriptions to the pharmacy

This free and secure system has huge advantages both to the practice and our patients, particularly for repeat prescriptions. Patients ordering prescriptions online no longer need to collect prescriptions from reception and take them to the pharmacy. Prescriptions can be collected 2 working days following ordering (we normally process prescription requests within 1 working day.)

Currently, some pharmacy systems are slow at receiving prescription requests, so for urgent prescriptions we may still choose to use paper prescriptions

You are free to choose any pharmacy you wish to receive your prescriptions (all local pharmacies are connected to the electronic prescription service) and you may change your pharmacy at any time - to do so simply tell your pharmacy or ourselves. Equally you are free to opt out of using the electronic prescriptions)