Patient Participation Group

Lateness Policy

The Patient Participation Group requested that we formalise a lateness policy. This document is currently in "final draft" form and we invite any comments or suggestions before we publish it on our policies page.

Internet Telephone and Video Conference

Skype Logo

The patient participation group requested that the practice look at the practicalities of using Skype and similar services to communicate with the practice. This document summarises the findings of our review. Having read it, we would love to hear your comments on our findings and using Skype

Continuity of Care: reaching agreement and plan

This document provides an outline of the discussion of the patient survey results and agreement of the action to be taken. It adds additional information to the Patient Participation DES 2011-12 March 2012 Progress Report  

Progress Report for the Patient Participation Group DES Monitoring (March 2012)

This report outlines the steps taken to re-establish the patient participation group, how the group has agreed priorities and undertaken wider consultation with other patients.

Patient Participation Group Annual General Meeting (Sept 2011)

The Patient Participation Group had its annual general meeting in September 2011.

The group discussed the main issues concerning the patients, partners and staff of the practice, making reference to the web survey and Extended Hours survey as appropriate. The priorities for the year ahead were agreed.

Results of Patient Survey on Access

  • Improving continuity of care is a priority issue
  • The Patient Participation Group AGM suggested a change to the appointment system
  • We undertook a patient survey to check that patients agreed that the proposed change was acceptable – only 12% agreed that the change was preferable.
  • We have shown that most patients (81%) do not understand the current appointment system

This is a copy of the email sent to patients on our patient participation group emailing list (if you would like to join the group, please do contact the practice to find out more). However, we invite the views of any registered patient on these questions.


Website Survey

Picture showing mouse and keyboard, illustrates our website survey

One of the major developments for the practice has been the redesign of the practice website. Prior to creating the brief, the practice surveyed a selection of patients to establish how many patients have access to the internet and what features they would find useful in a website.

This survey was followed up by discussion with the patient participation group, who suggested further features that they felt would be useful. 

Patient Profile

In May 2011, the practice compiled a profile of the patients on its list. Totally anonymised data was used to gather information about the spread of age, gender and ethnicity of patients in the area. This information is useful for planning services and to ensure that any surveys or consultations we undertake are broadly representative of the views of the practice.

Extended Hours Survey Results

picture showing a calendar, used to illustrate the extended hours survey results

A survey was undertaken in May 2011, to establish whether there was any significant drive from patients to alter our opening hours.  The results showed that the current extended opening hours suited the most patients.