Results for tests will only be given to the patient. For reasons of confidentiality, results will not be given to family members or friends, unless specifically arranged with the patient in advance.

You may phone for the results of your tests after 10:30am, but please note that we reserve the right not to give results out if we feel this is not appropriate. Please don't worry if we advise you that you need to speak to a doctor about the test results: whilst sometimes this may mean unexpected bad news, in most instances it is because we need to explain the results in more detail or plan further treatment.

As a guide, most blood tests will be back within a week. Xray and ultrasound results usually take 10 days. Unfortunately, some results do take longer and we may receive part of the test results whilst awaiting the remainder. If you intend to phone for your results please ask your doctor or nurse how many tests have been taken and check with the reception that all the results have been received.