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This website is provided for informational purposes only. It is intended primarily for patients of the practice.

The information was correct at the time of publishing and and is provided in good faith; however, medicine is a rapidly advancing subject. In the same way, information that is applicable to one person may be unsuitable for another. No website can replace the professional advice of a qualified doctor or other suitably qualified health care professional. Therefore we make no warranty or guarantee regarding the information on this page nor do we accept responsibility or liability for any damages or loss whatsoever from the use of information on this website.

The website could contain inaccuracies, either as a result of typographical errors or changes that have occured since the website was last updated. We may also make changes to the website or services offered by the practice at any time and without warning. If you are concerned about your health or treatment, particularly having read something on this website, you should consult your doctor.

Very occasionally opening times may vary, for example for training purposes. If you do not have an appointment, we would recommend checking with the practice before setting out, if your journey would result in inconvenience because of such changes.


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Conflicts of Interest

Glenpark Medical Practice is the sole ongoing funding source for this website. No money, gifts, hospitality, assistance, aid or other gratuity were received from external sources. We do not accept advertising on our website. (We want you to be confident that the information is as unbiased as possible, which is why we do not accept any advertising on the site.)

Startup funding assistance for the site was received from NHS South of Tyne & Wear.

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We are not responsible for external websites or their content.

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Links from external sites to this site are welcomed so long as they reasonably represent Glenpark Medical Practice and are in keeping with the philosophy of the practice.

Website Privacy Policy

Privacy and confidentiality are the bedrocks of medicine. The Practice is registered with the Information Commissioners Office and handles all data entrusted to us in accordance with the Data Protection Act and General Medical Council requirements.

You can use this website with total confidence that no personal information is being collected about you, or your browsing habits. The website does not use cookies.

We may use IP address logging to help us which pages people have visited to help us improve the website. However, this cannot be traced back to you and we see only the aggregated, anonymous data from everyone who has visited the site.

Where we do need personal information (for example, on the comments page), you will always be explicitly requested for it. The information you provide will only be used for the purpose stated at the time of collection - we never sell personal information. Your attention is drawn to the practice's confidentiality policy, which can be found here.