About Glenpark Medical Practice

Glenpark Medical Practice has a team of 10 doctors, 4 nurses and 2 health care assistants. We also train doctors who are wanting to become GPs and usually have 2 - 3 of these every 6 months. 

We see patients in two buildings in Dunston:

  • Glenpark Medical Centre, on Ravensworth Road
  • Dunston Health Centre, at the bottom of Dunston Bank.

We want to provide high quality medical care to all our patients including young people. We have developed this Youth section of our website with the help of young people in Dunston. We asked them what information they would like to see on a website and how it should look.

Young people are sometimes reluctant to see a doctor or a nurse for several reasons. Sometimes they are not sure if they have to see a doctor with their parent or guardian. Sometimes they are not sure that what they say to a doctor will remain confidential.

Ways of getting medical advice at Glenpark:

  • Make an appointment with a doctor at Glenpark Medical Centre or Dunston Health Centre. You can see a doctor with your parent or guardian, with a friend or on your own.
  • Go to the Drop-in clinic at Dunston Health Centre (coming in the autumn). Wednesdays 4 - 6 pm
  • Ask one of our doctors for medical advice via the youth section of our website
  • Read the health information and watch the videos on our website

Your right to confidential services

Even if you are under 16 you still have the same rights to confidentiality as anyone else.

As doctors and nurses we have to follow very strict rules on confidentiality and the law says we have to keep all patient records and information completely private.

In exceptional circumstances, like when a doctor or nurse thinks you might be in serious danger, we might feel the need to pass information on but, even if we do, we must talk to you first before we tell anyone else. This applies to everyone, no matter what age you are.